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Chocolate Risotto
with Candied Kumquats & Chili Oil

You cannot imagine the excitement when I was planning to create this recipe. On the paper it was a great match and an interesting idea but would it work in real life? Chocolate and citrus works very well that we all know but risotto as a sweet is a little risky. On the other hand rice pudding is a thing. A great thing so this would  possibly work. It feels like an action movie. Tension is super high 😛

It all started with me wanting to create a recipe with kumquats. I love to use kumquats as a whole piece. They are so cute but a bit bitter on the outside so why not make some candies so they wont be bitter any more. This process takes couple days for kumquats to get the taste and texture I want so I started thinking about what to match them with. Then chocolate came out. They are my favorite. Well most of you would join me on this I guess. Who wouldn’t like chocolate with orange or citrus in general.

Then when all those were happening my friend sent me a picture of his food which was taken in a chocolate festival. It was chocolate tortellini. Another amazing recipe I would love to try. That moment I saw that picture, I knew I had to make risotto , period. 🙂

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Chocolate Risotto With Candied Kumquats

Course Dessert, Vegan, Breakfast
Cuisine Italian
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Candying process 1 day
Total Time 30 minutes
Servings 4 People
Author Kayra


For Candied Kumkuats;

  • 100 gr Kumquats
  • 125 gr Sugar
  • 125 ml Water

For Chocolate Risotto;

  • 150 gr Arborio Rice
  • 75 gr Vegan Chocolate
  • 375 ml Almond Milk (This is a vegan recipe but it would work with cows milk as well
  • 75 ml Orange Juice
  • 1 tsp Orange zest
  • 50 gr Brown Sugar
  • 5 ml Chili Oil


For Candied Kumquats;

  1. Remove the stems of kumquats if they are still attached and wash them.

  2. Put them in a sauce pot and cover with tap water and bring it to boil.

  3. Once boiling remove from the water to ice water and then change the boilig water to tap water and add the kumquats back in the pan and bring it to boil again.

  4. Repeat this for 3 times. At last one kumquats should look very shiny and bloated.

  5. Pat dry and keep it on the side.

  6. While you are blanching kumquats make 1:1 ratio simple syrup and make sure it is on the heavy side. 

  7. Remove from the stove and add blanched kumkuats and cover with butter paper and make sure there is no air between butter paper and liquid.

  8. Let it cool down and cover with cling film and keep it in room temperature 1 day.

For Chocolate Risotto;

  1. Add brown sugar, orange juice and bring it to boil.

  2. Add orange zest (if you are using dry, if fresh wait until risotto cooks).

  3. Melt chocolate with 1 cup of almond milk on a double boiler or simply  in microwave.

  4. Add the rice and add warm almond milk  and keep stirring.

  5. Make sure you add 1/2 Cup (125 ml) at a time and add more when the rice absorbs the liquid.

  6. WIth the last cup of almond milk add melted chocolate/ almond milk mixture.

  7. Keep stirring until it cooks. 

  8. At this point you need to be very carefull because chocolate might stick on the bottom of the pan. Try not to over cook. It looks like in the picture when cooked.

  9. Add orange zest if you are using fresh.

  10. Plate it and serve with kumquats and drizzle chili oil.

If you cook this recipe, please tag me on Instagram #kayracooking  I would love to see 🙂

Bon appétit…

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with Candied Kumquats & Chili Oil

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