Hi Everyone,

I am glad you are here 🙂

I am Gamze (Kayra). I am from Turkey. I have been living in Dubai for 5 years and enjoying it.
I have studied Chemistry in Istanbul. On my 3rd year of study, I was doing a research about a chemical and I found out about Chef Ferran Adrià whose food is from another planet.  He inspired me to become a chef at that exact moment I saw his dishes.
Now I am running a wonderful Resto & Bar kitchen together with an amazing team.
I like being on the beach at nights, I like walking and I love spending time with my little cutie nephew Yaman 🙂
And recently I make things for this blog on my free time. I am learning food photography, improving my writing skills and keep cooking, experimenting and learning about cooking.
Couple things I would like to add;
Yes! I am cooking all these dishes at home.
I take all the pictures myself and enjoy a lot.
I have never used any of these dishes for any of my menus before. All fresh from the oven and that’s what makes me excited about creating this blog. Actually it is the reason this blog is existing so I can create dishes that I cannot create for the resto.

I am cooking, learning, picturing and grooving.

Come back to my blog some time and be a part of my story.

Please tag me on Instagram if you make any of my recipes. I will be very happy to see.
And follow me if you want to see more crazy recipes.

See you until next time.